Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why use QDF?

A new video from the makers of Quick Dry Foam filled with infographics explains in the simplest possible way why we at Suniture, use only authentic Quick Dry Foam.

We use Quick Dry Foam because:

* it is reticulated foam -> large, open pores that permit maximum water drainage and air circulation -> does not retain water, dries faster

* it is made with Ureguard -> a built in formula for anti-microbial, mold and fungi protection -> no rotting, no bad smell

* it is available in various firmness -> to suit individual comfort

* can be wrapped with polyester padding for extra plushness

However, if one only use QDF and not use materials at par with its qualities, the cushion will not last as long as a Suniture cushion. That's why to ensure unparalleled outdoor performance, we also use Sunbrella fabric covers, UV-resistant threads, and specialized needles, among others, to ensure total customer satisfaction.

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