Monday, May 9, 2022

The Suniture Cushion


Outdoor furniture will never be complete without cushions! It doesn’t even look right not to have them. And not just any kind but only with Suniture performance cushions that, after a downpour, dry in less than 15 minutes!*

Anatomy of a Suniture Cushion

Suniture performance cushions are  specially designed to withstand natural elements like the sun and rain. So they not only make comfortable spaces but are also durable that they can be left outdoors, with minimum maintenance. At Suniture®, our experienced sewing department can create cushions of any shape and size. Suniture cushions only use quality materials made for the outdoors from inside out, based on your requirements.  

- In any shape, size and quantity
- Hundreds of Eqosol® and Solcryl® fabric colors
- Available with EqoDry® foam inside
- Custom or replacement
- Made with UV-resistant threads and YKK ® zippers
- Easy to maintain
- Machine-washable, bleach-safe

Big cushions or small, we make them in any shape and size. From the basic colors to bold combinations, we make cushions in any of the hundreds of colors fabrics. We only use the best materials such as EqoDry® smart foam and matching authentic YKK® zippers, assuring you of unparalleled quality and beautiful outdoor performance. While we have standard cushions and pillows for you to choose from, we also specialize in replacements.

When you need a cushion, specify Suniture and you are guaranteed that your cushion will not rot, discolor or lose its form for years. 

*On a normal sunny day of 25°C.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Project Highlight: Amari Vogue Krabi

Amari Vogue is ideally located in a tranquil ocean-facing setting at the northern end of Tubkaek Beach, just 40 minutes from Krabi Town, teeming with restaurants, markets and nightlife.

Amari Vogue Krabi exterior-1

With spaces thoughtfully designed for that comforting home-from-home experience, Amari Vogue has added touches to the décor to showcase modern Thai craftsmanship at every turn – a contemporary re-imagining of the traditional Thai home.
Amari Vouge Krabi voyager-lounge

Part of the the ONYX Hospitality Group, the Amari brand is its most established chain of hotels, with a culture that proudly celebrates contemporary food, arts, design, architecture, wellness, festivities and fun. You can find our products all across this lovely property.

Amari Vogue Krabi aerial-2

Working on a new project? Get in touch with our team through

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Sensational Samui

Thailand's second largest island, Koh Samui is a known for its palm-fringed, white-sand beaches, charming sensibility and a luxurious selection of resorts and spas. The island has many activities for tourists of all ages and offers an experience you will remember for a long time.

There are plenty of hospitality options, here are some of our top picks, where we have the privileged to be one of the partners in creating the spaces that guests get to enjoy:

 1. Hansar Samui

Hansar Samui

2. Ozo Chaweng

Ozo Chaweng K Samui

3. Sala Samui

Sala-Samui-Fun-Pool Umbrellas covers

4. Avani Koh Samui

Avani Koh Samui

5. Amari Koh Samui

Amari Koh Samui

The island of Koh Samui is a great place for those who want to truly get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and find themselves to be one with nature. One of the top destinations for local and international tourists, we are proud to be one of the major suppliers, well-trusted on the island. 

Friday, February 18, 2022

Care and Cleaning Videos and Downloadable Guides

Watch this short video on care and cleaning of our covers made with solution-dyed acrylic fabrics like Agora and Sauleda.

Download your PDF guide.

Not the cleaning guide you were looking for? We have this General Care and Cleaning Guide that covers most of our products. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

8 Ways to Use Red in Hospitality Spaces

We love red. It's bold, it's luxurious, and it's always a welcome sight in new or old spaces. The hue is sure to make any space a little bit more interesting. So, how can we use red more often?

We let these 8 Suniture projects show you how. 

1. Umbrellas and pillows, Novotel Sriracha, Thailand

Novotel Sriracha

2. Custom cushions, Sala Bang Pa-In, Thailand

sala bang pa-in custom cushions

3. Outdoor sofas, Let's Sea, Hua Hin, Thailand

Let's Sea, Hua Hin, Helena

4. Umbrellas, Amari Vogue, Krabi, Thailand

Amari Vogue Krabi aerial-2

5. Outdoor sofas and sunbuns, Bora Bora, Netherlands

Bora Bora Holland

6. Buru umbrellas, Anantara Yunan, China

Anantara Yunnan China Buru

7. Sunlounger cushions, St. Mary's Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

St. Mary Residences, KL

8. Custom cushions, Sheraton Shenzhou Peninsula, China

Sheraton Shenzhou Peninsula Resort cushion outdoor

This vibrant hue encourages people to interact in social situations and is generally considered a lucky color. It symbolises many desired characteristics like prosperity, love, and excitement. It is good to put red items in spaces, but don't forget to use other colors as well. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Make 2022 the year for outdoor sofas.

Trusted by award-winning hotels and resorts, our sofas can be left outdoors, all year round. Thanks to Eqodry smart foam and performance fabrics such as Agora 100% solution-dyed fabrics, our range remain beautiful, mold and mildew-free for years, following a prescribed care and maintenance procedure.

Find them in beach clubs, private gardens, roof decks and resorts.

This year, make our outdoor sofas part of your outdoor spaces! Easy to disinfect and with anti-microbial foam and bleach-friendly fabrics, ask us about the outdoor sofas today. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Project Highlight: Thana City Golf and Country Club

As one of the leading hospitality suppliers, we offer a wide selection of umbrellas, from 2.0 meters to as big as 7.0 meters, which makes finding a size that fits hospitality requirements easy.

We have been working with the Thana City Golf and Country Club for years and have continuously been upgrading their designed spaces. This venue is home to a variety of umbrella models, including the Redcliff and Swanson Giant Umbrellas.

Thana City
Thana City Golf and Country Club as featured in our Contract Brochure

 This year, Thailand was hit with a massive storm, and while our durable giant umbrellas' frames survived, the canopy covers were ripped apart. 

As this replacement was an unforeseen expense, the Suniture team offered patchwork fabrics to redo the umbrellas that needed replacement. The factory had plenty of offcut fabrics to work with which would mean a lower cost of materials. The golf course management accepted the proposal and in a few days, we had the covers all replaced.

Using fabric offcuts that were tastefully put together, we were able to replace covers quickly.

By replacing the torn covers with patchwork made from leftover fabrics, which not only reduced our fabric waste but also saved the owners a few thousand Thai baht, each of the umbrellas became unique, bespoke pieces. 

Thana City Umbrella Covers

Patchwork is a great way to cover your umbrellas, reduce waste, and save money.

In summary, the Suniture team is proud of the work we did for Thana City. We hope that the quick response and innovative canopy replacements we made make the experience more enjoyable for its members and guests. We are grateful for the opportunity to improve the facilities for this prestigious golf club and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Do you have furniture that need replacement covers? Contact the Suniture today and let us walk you through the various options.