Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Caring for your Teak Furniture

Q. Why has the furniture developed cracks?
A. Teak is a natural product, and because of this, fluctuations of temperature and humidity may cause surface cracking, in particular, the end grains. This is normal and will not affect the durability and strength of the wood.

Q. The furniture has turned silver – grey. How do you restore to the original color?
A. First, wash the furniture with warm soapy water and a household scrubbing brush to remove all dirt. When the furniture is dry, sand, remove dust, then apply a good teak protector. We recommend 303 Patio Furniture Protector™.

Q. What about grease spots that have appeared on the furniture?
A. This is a natural feature of the wood and grease spots should gradually disappear after being exposed to sunlight. However, should you wish to banish these blemishes immediately, we recommend using a degreasing agent then scrubbing it with a gentle brush. Rinse off with clean water. Persistent grease spots can be removed by using white spirit.

Q. Why has the furniture developed mildew spots or black blemishes?
A. This is usually the result of rainwater or sometimes sap dripping from the leaves of trees onto the wood leaving dark marks and spots. Ideally, we recommend the furniture is not placed under trees. However these marks can be removed by slightly sanding with fine sandpaper.

Q. What about candle wax drippings?
A. Candle wax can be removed by placing brown paper over the wax mark and pressing with a warm iron. This melts the wax, drawing it out of the wood and onto a paper. For wine stains, we recommitment using mentholated spirits to wipe the area clean.

Q. Why is the wood color different compared to the same item seen in the showroom?
This is due to the finished item being packed and stored until the delivery to the customer. Once the items are placed outside in daylight, the wood will return to its natural color.

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