Friday, February 3, 2012

Sneak Peek!

Designer Natalie Buijs sitting beatifully on one of her creations

Last Monday, we had a photo shoot of some of the new products that we will be showing at Hospitality Asia 2012, the show we mentioned at the beginning of the year.

Probably the hottest day in Manila for the year (so far), we were fortunate to have three charming ladies willingly sit in the sun. Our designer, Natalie, Suzie (daughter of Natalie) and Claudia (friend of Suzie), posed for us. Thank you very much!

Suzie and Claudia with the sunbun called "Pepo Jr."

Natalie, with her lovely daughter, Suzie on a two-seater Kasbah

The young models go through their pictures (sitting on a Souk)

The sunbuns will be part of the product showcase at our Singapore booth so make sure to be there. Have you booked for the show yet?

Happy weekend everyone!

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