Monday, May 19, 2014

Buru: Operation & Care Information

1-Do not stay under the umbrella in heavy weather


1 Do not linger under an umbrella in heavy weather conditions, to prevent accidents. Close the umbrella according to directions. The Buru series is designed so it can cope with a wind force of up to 5 Beaufort. Anything above this, please close and secure the umbrellas properly.

2 Do not bring in the proximity of halogen lighting or flames (such as candles, torches, etc), since this may cause fire.

3 Do not hang any objects on the umbrella ribs, because it might bring the umbrella out of balance, causing it to fall over.

4 Do not place the umbrella with a base on an uneven surface. If needed, please adjust the base height with the screws used for that purpose.

5 Never store any dirty umbrella covers since mold can grow on the accumulated dirt, which will eventually have a negative impact on the fabric’s performance.

How to Close an Umbrella:

1 Remember to remove all the gutters connecting the canopies first. Unzip them from the canopy covers.

2 Close a canopy by loosening the screw and sliding it down. Tighten the screw in the closed position.
6-Close and  Tight the screw

3 Cover with the protection cover. Tie the protection cover.

How to Open an Umbrella:

1 Each umbrella canopy can be operated separately. Loosen the screw and slide the canopy up to open the parasol. Once fully open, tighten the screw.

2 Attach the rain gutters using the zippers once canopies are open. Note that you have to order the gutters separately.

10-Attach the rain gutters

How to Use the LED lights:

The integrated LED lights are not only functional but also give the outdoor space a nice ambiance. Once plugged, use the remote control to turn them on/off.

11-Remote Control

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Hosing the umbrella covers every now and then is an easy and actually efficient way of removing most of the dirt.
  •  A hard brush can be used for removing more persistent stains.
  • You can also remove covers and put them in the washing machine. 
For a more detailed cleaning instruction, umbrella spare parts and replacement covers, please email

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