Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Outdoor Design Ideas: Sunbuns (more of them!)

If you liked the ideas in this post, here are other areas where our sunbuns create trendy and comfortable outdoor spaces.

1. Souk Seats in varying shades of blue create this stylishly monochromatic deck.

OZO CHAWENG SAMUI outdoor beanbags
Photo from Ozo Chaweng  Samui website

2. Souk Single and Double Lounges in white with black piping emphasize this modern pool area.

Ocean Hotel Sukhumvit
3 Being easy to carry, our sunbuns create romantic sunset dining spots in a jiffy.
Photo from Ozo Chaweng  Samui website
4. If you like color, our sunbuns (cushions and sofas) create crazy colorful spaces easy.

Bora Bora Holland  

5. Most importantly, our sunbuns are designed not just for the outdoors but for durability and cleanability. So no worries of getting them dirty and stained. 
Worry-free sunbuns

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