Monday, February 29, 2016

How To Create and Style An Outdoor Living Area

best outdoor furniture
An outdoor living space in a hospitality venue

In most hospitality establishments, adding an outdoor living area can boost foot traffic and improve sales. Unlike the conventional outdoor dining set-up, an outdoor living space creates a more relaxed environment, thereby encouraging people to gather for easy, social conversations for longer periods of time, and when properly managed, increase food and beverage consumption in your venue. These areas can also be marketed as premium outdoor clubs where a separate and special menu is made available.

Turn an underutilized roof deck into an income-generating F&B venue
Not sure how to start? If you have the outdoor space, below is a rough guide of creating a stylish and comfortable venue.

1. Choose your sofa. It starts with comfort. But it is also important that your sofas are made for the outdoors so you do not need to move them inside in case of a downpour. Why choose a Suniture sofa? Read the reasons here.  Find one that suits your needs from our wide range of outdoor sofa styles here.

Havana_outdoor sofa
Our Havana range is a good choice

2. Combine with other pieces of furniture. Tables, lamps, and an umbrella. Do not be afraid to mix different styles, colors and textures.

Thallon sofa collection and the Buru umbrella mixed with a locally sourced center table

Natural rug
An outdoor living area on the lawn is definitely eye-catching

3. Style the area. Consider an outdoor rug to pull the entire space together.  Layer color and pattern. Create pops of colors with accent pillows in different patterns on a neutral-tone sofa.

Phifertex outdoor rugs are available in different colors

screen printed pillows
Print a unique pattern or even a menu on Suniture pillows

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