Thursday, January 24, 2019

Does It Spark Joy?

Marie Kondo is a consultant and author known for the KonMari, a method that prescribes tidying, paring down and organizing belongings so that you have precisely what you need and where you need it. This method applies to many aspects in life, including being a hospitality professional--from running a restaurant, a boutique hotel, to looking after the amenities of a resort. It is about changing for something better.

Portals 2 seater sofa, coffee square table 72x72cm, 32h, woph, wcsh DKEZ, w back csh DKEZ 8878, ALU CSN, TEA FSC (10)
Simple and elegant furniture

'Does it spark joy?' is a fundamental question that this method asks. We'd say that when you work with us and our products and see the transformation, it sure does. (Read about the Bistro M: A Transformation Story).

Before and After Buru
Buru umbrellas can transform your space into something useful and delightful at the same time

At Suniture, we strive to produce products that will withstand the KonMari method of purging year in and year out. We not only produce products that will delight the end users (hospitality customers), but will also help hospitality professionals.  Our products are designed with 'what the hospitality needs and where they need' these products. (Read: Small, Medium, Large - Take Your Pick!

Asira Boutique Hotel
Besides our best-selling umbrellas, we also make custom-sized cushions and covers 

Our products are easy to operate, easy to maintain, and with the best after sales---that is one less area to worry from the list of things to tend to. (Read: Care and Cleaning Videos and Downloadable Guides)

Spark joy. Contact us today.

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