Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Project Highlight: Thana City Golf and Country Club

As one of the leading hospitality suppliers, we offer a wide selection of umbrellas, from 2.0 meters to as big as 7.0 meters, which makes finding a size that fits hospitality requirements easy.

We have been working with the Thana City Golf and Country Club for years and have continuously been upgrading their designed spaces. This venue is home to a variety of umbrella models, including the Redcliff and Swanson Giant Umbrellas.

Thana City
Thana City Golf and Country Club as featured in our Contract Brochure

 This year, Thailand was hit with a massive storm, and while our durable giant umbrellas' frames survived, the canopy covers were ripped apart. 

As this replacement was an unforeseen expense, the Suniture team offered patchwork fabrics to redo the umbrellas that needed replacement. The factory had plenty of offcut fabrics to work with which would mean a lower cost of materials. The golf course management accepted the proposal and in a few days, we had the covers all replaced.

Using fabric offcuts that were tastefully put together, we were able to replace covers quickly.

By replacing the torn covers with patchwork made from leftover fabrics, which not only reduced our fabric waste but also saved the owners a few thousand Thai baht, each of the umbrellas became unique, bespoke pieces. 

Thana City Umbrella Covers

Patchwork is a great way to cover your umbrellas, reduce waste, and save money.

In summary, the Suniture team is proud of the work we did for Thana City. We hope that the quick response and innovative canopy replacements we made make the experience more enjoyable for its members and guests. We are grateful for the opportunity to improve the facilities for this prestigious golf club and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Do you have furniture that need replacement covers? Contact the Suniture today and let us walk you through the various options.

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