Thursday, January 14, 2021

The 15-Point Umbrella User Guide

 Care for your umbrella so it can look after you.

1. Always place the umbrella on a flat and stable surface. If needed, please adjust the base height with the screws used for that purpose. 

 2. Always make sure the screw on the umbrella base is securely tightened, in order to avoid the umbrella swirling in the wind or even being removed from the base when wind is caught under the umbrella cover. The screw should be checked (re-tightened) on a regular base, as well as the metal tube itself. 

3. Umbrellas should not be used in conditions of heavy wind or other extreme weather conditions. In such case, the umbrellas should be closed, tied together with the string, or, under more extreme situations, removed from their base and stored away. 

4. People should not linger under an umbrella in heavy weather conditions, to prevent accidents and also so you can follow point 3. 

5. Do not bring in the proximity of halogen lighting or flames (such as candles, torches, etc), since this may cause fire. 

6. Do not hang any objects on the umbrella ribs, because it might bring the umbrella out of balance, causing it to fall over. 

7. Our wooden umbrellas are made from selected tropical hardwoods, which are great for outdoor use. Wood is however a natural product and should be treated on a regular basis to extend its life and performance. Depending on the environment and climate conditions, the wood should be oiled two or three times per year. Please remove (by using a fine sandpaper) remains of the original oil layer or other dirt residue before oiling. 

8. The pulley, screws and other moving parts should be inspected and tightened on a regular basis, so breakage and accidents can be avoided. 

9. The cord should also be inspected on a regular basis and should be stored in the small bag provided in order to keep it away from children and protect it better against weather conditions. 

10. If the cord starts showing any signs of breakage, please replace immediately

11. The finial (top part of the umbrella) should be kept tightened at all times. 

12. Our umbrellas covers are made from Sunbrella fabrics which have unparalleled all-weather performance. These fabrics however must be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis to keep those characteristics. For example, Sunbrella fabrics do not mold, but mold can grow on dirt that can accumulate on the umbrella cover if not cleaned properly and periodically. Proper cleaning will significantly extend the lifetime your product. Hosing the umbrella covers every now and then is an easy and actually efficient way of removing most of the dirt. A hard brush can be used for removing more persistent stains. Our office can provide a more detailed cleaning instructions if needed. 

13. When not used, umbrellas should be stored in a dry, clean and ventilated location. When the umbrellas will be stored for a longer period of time, the umbrella covers should be removed, cleaned and stored separately. Please make sure that also the small pockets are stored properly. Never store any dirty umbrella covers for longer time since mold can grow on the accumulated dirt, which will eventually have a negative impact on the fabric’s performance. 

14. Umbrella should be stacked in a horizontal way. Contact with walls, or friction between umbrella covers can cause damage to the fabric and the ribs of the frame. 

15. Protective covers are available (to be purchased separately) to properly protect umbrellas in storage.

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