Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Here’s How We’re Doing Our Bit for the Environment

Reducing waste has never been more important to the conservation of our world. This, along with other sustainability efforts, is top of mind at Suniture, where we are taking positive steps to reduce our carbon footprint as a commitment for a healthier planet. We support, promote and integrate sustainability in our current business model through:

a.     A focus on circular design principles and services including but not limited to designing new products to be repurposed, repaired, reused, resold or recycled. 

b. Investment in better technology like precision cutters that reduces wastes and a design program that maximizes the yield of fabrics. 

c.     Developing new innovative products and working with our key suppliers towards an ‘All-Recycled Collection’ which includes DuraOcean®, patchwork covers, and anything else made with recycled materials. 

As you might know, this is our 18th year as a brand. And this we would like to celebrate with out first ever Sustainability Report. While short and concise, we believe it is a responsible move towards accountability with our work towards sustainability. Read it here

Sustainability Report 2020
Sustainability Report 2020

A heartfelt thanks to all our clients and business partners for their dedication and trust through the years. We hope you all have a restful and mindful celebrations throughout this season. 

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