Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tips for Styling an Outdoor Event

Suniture was one of the honored sponsors of the successful King's Day Celebration party at the Netherlands Embassy in Bangkok on April 30. The program started at 3 pm in the afternoon and was well attended.

Umbrellas, outdoor sofas, sunbuns and director chairs were some of the Suniture items 
The guests who came in wearing orange included students, travelers, business people, and representatives of the government and media. Dancing continued until late to the beats of DJ Bart Vandam and the Walrus Band. Guests enjoyed cold Dutch beer, ice-cream, 'stroopwafels' and other (Dutch) delights while lounging around the Suniture-furnished grounds.

The venue was packed but comfortable*

Thinking about holding an outdoor event? Do take note of the following. 

1. If you are going to invest in new furniture with the consideration of using them for events, consider a neutral palette. A neutral palette will allow you to adapt a color theme for events with just new pillow covers (so you don't have to purchase new pillows), Phifertex placemats, fabric swags, and other smaller decorative accessories.

placemats and swags
White furniture is always a safe option, so is teak wood
Black and greys are also considered neutral

Read on How to Create and Style an Outdoor Living Area.

2. Choose a theme. Once you have the date and venue locked, choose a theme. Themes include colors and motifs to tie the rest of the event together. In the case of King's Day, the obvious choices were orange, it being the Dutch national color and the Dutch flag.

Flag on Latifa
Dutch-themed Latifa sunbuns

TIP: During the event, themed accessories specially purchased can be raffled off like the flag-themed sunbuns. Raffle items can also include umbrellas and pillow sets.

Congratulations to the new owners of the Sunbuns*

3. Plan with the guests and program in mind. For outdoor events, it is important to provide shade and rain-protection to ensure that guests can enjoy the venue rain or shine. If you already have existing Suniture umbrellas, you can move them temporarily into clusters to designate areas. If your event spills into the evening, do not forget lighting!

Lights can be aesthetic and/or functional*

Our Buru umbrellas can come with built in LED lights so if you are considering to upgrade umbrellas, the Buru range is a great option. They can be used for normal operations as well as special events.

Buru with LED
Notice the LED lights under the Buru umbrellas
See more photos of Buru projects with LED-lights here.

Consider investing in a Lounger that can be set-up and stowed away after. Stickers can be printed for the cover, which is an inexpensive way of keeping it as part of the theme.
The Lounger is easy to set-up and dismantle
*Image courtesy of the Netherlands Embassy Facebook Page

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